Student regulations

General Provisions


Article 1- The Alianza has the right to preserve order and maintain stability by means of these rules of organization and conduct.

Art. 2.- Upon acceptance to the Alianza, the student acquires rights and assumes responsibilities towards the Alianza community. Said rights and responsibilities are defined in these rules and other institutional regulations. In the case of minors (students under the age of 18), the Alianza reserves the right to communicate directly with the parents of the minor regarding academic and administrative issues. As for students of legal age (18 years and above), the Alianza shall communicate directly with the student.

Article 3.- The students are required to comply with the regulations and corresponding legal standards stipulated by the Alianza.

Art. 4.- The Alianza can establish its regulations with full institutional and academic autonomy. Moreover, it has the right to modify all or part of this Regulation without prior notification to its students. Notwithstanding the foregoing, once the modification has been made, it shall be communicated to the students within a maximum period of 3 business days through a noticeboard and 10 business days through the website. The set of rules and regulations is available in its entirety on the Alianza website:

 Art. 5.- Any work, material, or document that the student delivers in fulfillment of academic or administrative requirements shall remain as material property of the Alianza, which reserves the right to use such work at its sole discretion.

Art. 6.- The Alianza does not assume responsibility for any accidents, health problems, losses, damages, or thefts that the students might experience during or as a consequence of their academic activity, inside or outside the institutional premises.

Art. 7.- The Alianza reserves the right to accept its students without any restrictions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, under no circumstances shall sex, race, religion, or nationality influence said acceptance decision.

 Article 8.- The acceptace of the enrolled individual as a student, and the approval of his or her continuation in the institution shall be implied while the rejection shall be communicated explicitly.


About the courses

Article 9.- By way of admission, all Alianza students have the right to complete the course within the conditions established hereafter.

Art. 10.- Learning Warranty. If the student, having fulfilled all the requirements specified below, does not reach the predetermined academic goals for the course, the Alianza shall offer the student the opportunity to repeat the course, free of charge, in the following period. Requirements: the student must have attended at least 80% of classes; the student must have participated actively in class and in the Alianza Virtual Campus; the student must have completed all assigned tasks; the student must have taken all evaluations on the pre-established dates, and the student must be up to date with course payments. This learning warranty applies only to curricular courses.

Article 11.- The Learning Warranty does not apply if the student, at his or her own will, decides to enroll in a course that is at a higher level than the one recommended by the Alianza, or if having completed and passed a course at the Alianza at a given time, the student does not enroll in the following course in the series and skips the succeeding level in the following period.

Art. 12.- Changes to the Alianza Course Syllabi. The Alianza reserves the right to introduce changes to all courses, including replacing the texts, with the aim of updating course contents, improving course structure, and thus better fulfilling the Alianza's educational purposes. These changes shall not be made once a course has already started.

Art. 13.- Group minimums and maximums. The actual opening of all groups is subject to reaching the minimum number of enrollees established for each course at the date the course starts. Unless expressly provided otherwise, said minimum shall be eighteen students at the Alianza headquarters, located downtonw. This minimum may vary in the franchises of the Interior and Metropolitan Area depending on the classroom facilities at each franchise. In all cases, the maximum number of students per course will be twenty. If due to dropouts during the course, the number of students does not reach the minimum number, the Alianza has the right to combine groups, preserving the preestablished days and times and the maximum number of students per group.

Art. 14.- Teacher Assignments. The Alianza reserves the right to assign teachers to courses according to the criteria it deems appropriate. It also has the right to make changes to the teaching assignments once the course has begun. The Alianza will make every effort to ensure that such changes interfere minimally with the harmony of the course.

Article 15.- Evaluations. Evaluations at the Alainza are defined as methods through which the institution measures the performance of its students in their pursuit of passing a course, and whenever applicable, obtaining the corresponding diploma. The Alianza sets the method and date of the evaluation deemed most adequate for each course. The student must be up to date with his or her administrative and economic duties at the Alianza in order to participate in any evaluation.

 Article 16.- Textbooks

a. The student must attend class with the specific textbooks required by the Alianza for the course.

b. The Alianza makes every possible and reasonable effort to have the necessary textbooks available by the time classes start. However, it is possible that some textbooks may be missing (discontinuation of an edition, order delay due to customs issues, error in materials sent, etc). In those cases, the Alianza shall communicate the potential alternatives to its students and shall take the necessary measures to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

c. Unless explicitly authorized by the author or an agent, making or using photocopies of textbooks and other protected material is strictly prohibited under copyright laws. If a student has photocopies of protected material in their possession, the Alianza can confiscate and destroy the unauthorized material.


 Student Conduct

Article 17.- Conduct. Any misconduct or lack of respect by students towards the authorities, staff, teachers, peers and themselves, as well as damage to Alianza property students use or are entrusted with can warrant disciplinary action or sanction. Transgressions may be considered minor misconduct, serious misconduct or a very serious offense. The following are examples of possible misconduct.: 

- Examples of minor misconduct: disrespect towards authorities, staff, teachers, and students, which includes the use of cellphones in class.

- Examples of serious misconduct: damaging or dirtying the building, furniture, equipment, supplies or other teaching materials or intentionally damaging textbooks, books, and magazines belonging to the Alianza.

-Examples of very serious offenses: physical or verbal agression against another student; any conduct that violates existing legal norms, such as smoking inside the institutional premises.

Article 18.- Misconduct can be sanctioned by the following meausures or a combination of them, depending on the severity of the situation: temporary or permanent loss of rights or privileges, verbal observation, written warning, suspension, expulsion.

Art. 19.- Notice. Once the decision to sanction a student has been made, the individual in question shall be notified. With the exception of verbal observations, all notifications shall always be made in writing.


Student Information

Article 20.- Updating Information. Students must update their contact information, immediately alerting the administration of any changes, particularly related to their address or telephone number. The Alianza is not responsible for information not received due to a student's error or omission in updating their information.

Art. 21.- The Alianza may make discretionary use of the information contained in individual files within the limits of applicable legal norms.



 Article 22.- Definition. Payment is generally understood as the amount paid for course registration and for the purchase of books. The Alianza reserves the right to establish which means of payment are accepted.

Article 23.- There are no refunds for payments, except in the following cases:

a. If the course the student has signed up for does not begin on the date and at the time printed on the receipt.

b. In cases of force majeure, the Alianza may authorize the return or transfer of money paid so far for registration to a different course or start date, either to the receipt holder or to another student, as long as the student has not completed the first eight hours of the course and is unable to continue attending the course. The Administration reserves the right to evaluate the alleged motives for the refund. This provision applies only to face-to-face courses.

 c. Notwithstanding what is stated in b., in all cases, the student has 5 (five) days from the date of registration to cancel his enrollment. The money is returned in cash or credited to the payer's credit card, depending on the initial payment method. In the event that the student has attended any class during that period of five (5) days, the attended days will be deducted from the refund on a prorated basis.

d. In the case of online courses, or courses with an online component, there will be neither a refund nor credit.

 e. Book returns are only allowed when the course in which the student has enrolled does not start on the date or time indicated on the receipt. To accept the return, the book must be in perfect condition - without any mark, writing, scratch, page fold, or any other condition that may affect its sale value.

Art. 24.- Dates of payment. The fees are due, in all cases, on the tenth day of each month. There are times when the Alianza grants a longer payment term, such as because of a recess, holiday, or another reason. In such cases the Alianza will publish reminders of the payment dates on noticeboards.

Art. 25.- Fine and surcharge. Payments made after the pre-established deadlines generate a fine of 10% and a surcharge of 5% per month.

Art. 26.- Non-payment. Failure to pay on time will result in the student's temporary suspension of his/her rights to attend class, make use of institutional services (library, labs), take exams, and to submit papers for evaluation until he or she is up-to-date with payment

Art. 27.- The consequences of any nature caused by the application of any of the previous articles do not entitle the student to any claim or compensation of any kind whatsoever.



 Art. 28.- Surveys. The Alianza carries out surveys among its students aimed at collecting information about all the services provided. It is mandatory for students to respond when requested.

Art. 29.- It is forbidden to carry out academic work or research that takes as its object of study the Alianza, its students, or its teachers without the express authorization of the Executive Director.

Art. 30.- Records of studies and level certifications. As of September 2008, certificates may be self-managed by the students through the site and will have no cost. 

Certificates that are produced and signed by the Alianza do have a cost and are only given for courses held within five years of the issue date.

Level assessments also have a cost, and this certification is valid for a year.

The re-issuance of lost or otherwise requested certificates or diplomas has the same cost as the original document.

Article 31.- Digital diplomas. As of August 3, 2010, the Alianza has been officially issuing digital diplomas.

Students will be able to digitally self-manage diplomas of all courses successfully completed at the Alianza.

Students can view, print, download and/or send their diplomas through the Alianza Website:

This format of diploma is the only one that shall be issued by the Alianza for its English courses in the curriculum for children, adolescents, and adults.

Art. 32.- Group changes within the same schedule. Group changes are not allowed within the same scheduled hours.

Art. 33.- Schedule changes. A student is authorized to make a schedule change as long as there is available space.

Shedule changes can be performed in-person or by telephone at the Administration Department or the Academic Department.

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