The new MEC

Multiespacio Educativo-Cultural

Since March of 2016, the Alianza Cultural Uruguay - Estados Unidos has the new Educational-Cultural Multipurpose Space at the Artigas-Washington Library, conceived and created based on the latest international trends

The Multipurpose Space incorporates the best of libraries, computer labs, spaces for students and the general public, and conference rooms. The different areas are designed for study, reading, and recreation, generating a dynamic environment where collaboration and knowledge exchange are promoted.

This project aims to integrate technology in different spaces to transform the traditional notion of a library and generate an attractive environment for different generations of users, where traditional and modern aspects for obtaining information and knowledge coexist. All areas have Wi-Fi internet connection and an adaptable infrastructure for multiple types of activities.

In addition, the Space has a collection of more than 10,000 books, a virtual library with access to international databases, 50 subscriptions to American magazines, and a collection of more than 500 DVDs.

Within the Educational-Cultural Multipurpose Space, you can find the following areas:

SEMINAR AREA: lectures and seminars on different topics will be offered.

LOUNGE AREA: designed for users to enjoy movies and Netflix series, our collection of CDs, DVDs and the console X-box.

EDUCATION USA: a service where you can find information and advice about study opportunities in the United States.

COLLABORATIVE SPACE: an area with tables, chairs, and slates to carry out different group activities, such as Makerspace workshops or Conversation Clubs.

ENTERTAINMENT AREA: equiped with boardgames in English to practice the language, expand vocabulary, and socialize with other students.

QUIET AREA: a quiet space for study and individual reading. INTERNET AREA: computers with internet service are available.

REFERENCE MATERIALS: reference materials are available for reading in the classroom.

SCIENCE CORNER AREA: find magazines, books, and DVDs specializing in science.

STORYTELLING AREA: the reading corner is designed for children and teenagers with books and graphic novels in English specially chosen for them.

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