Aziz Abu Sarah's Visit

Aziz Abu Sarah's Visit

NatGeo explorer presents at Alianza.

The renowned National Geographic explorar and TED contributor, Aziz Abu Sarah, inspired us with his moving presentation at the Alianza on September 20th. The talk, titled “Revolutionizing Education: Building Peace in a Divided World,” poignantly articulated how education has the power to resolve conflicts.

It was truly a pleasure for the Alianza to receive Aziz's visit. Aziz shared his knowledge and experiences with all the Alianza community and leaders of the country at our Professional Development Day (PDD). Moreover, he advocated for education as a revolutionary tool to advance and maintain peace.

His widely known educational experience in Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, and the United States allowed him to establish connections within opposing factions and warring communities. In that context, he explained how language can change the way we see the world.

Maria Blanco Pate, director of the Alianza Culturual Uruguay-Estados Unidos, highlighted the experience and distinguished Aziz as someone who “undoubtedly possesses knowledge and acute cultural awareness. Thanks to National Geographic Learning he was able to share that with us. It's not only an honor but also a duty.”

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