Stories that bind us together

Stories that bind us together

Come to the Alianza Library

The Educational and Cultural Multipurpose Space of the Artigas-Washington Library represents the best of the 21st century library and was designed and created based on recent international trends.


Currently, the library has over 10,000 books, a virtual library with access to international data bases, 50 American magazine subscriptions, and a collection of over 500 DVDs. To receive all services, borrowing priviliges, and free participation in the programs described below costs only $600 (six hundred Uruguayan pesos) per year.


The new Multipurpose Space offers diverse and versatile spaces and engaging activites for students and members.

Seminar Area: talks and workshops about diverse topics and themes.

Internet Area: contains 25 computers connected to the internet with access to a virtual library and international data bases. Lounge Area: contains a television connected to a computer via Chromecast with Netflix.

EducationUSA: promotes higher education in the United States. Presents precise and detailed information about the academic programs of undergraduate and graduate schools in the USA.

Entertainment area: contains English boardgames to practice the language, expand vocabulary, and interact with other students.

Collaborative Space: contains tables, chairs, and whiteboards for different group activities such as the Makerspace workshop or the Conversation Clubs.

Quiet area: a calm and quiet place for study and individual reading. Reference materials: contains reading materials.

Science Corner: contains a wide variety of magazines, books, and specialized DVDs.

Storytelling Area: designed for children and teens, this corner offers books and graphic novels in English specially selected for kids and adolescents.

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